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A trip to Greece is not just sun, lovely food, great views, but it is also about meeting people.
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  • For Beginners / Advanced
  • 8 Chapters
  • Grammar explained
  • Audio pronounced examples


Interactive Greek course

Greek is an online interactive course that starts with the real basics and explains the grammar in an accessible way.
Therefore this course is suitable for starting and more advanced students.
Petra, who is a graduate teacher (MA) of Modern Greek for almost 20 years, knows how difficult the Greek language can be. That's why she wrote a step-by-step course method, that is now available online. In this course there is a lot of audio available, so you can really learn by hearing, and repeating.

First, the course will start with the alphabet, small and capital letters and combinations of letters.
Next you will be introduced to the first nouns, verbs so you can learn how to make your first small sentences.
All the greek grammar will be clearified more into detail with visual schemes. consistst of 8 Chapters, with in total 65 pages.

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